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Living Testimony

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We are to be a living testimony of Christ in us, our Hope of Glory. If there were ever a time or season where folks needed hope, it is NOW. Today IS the day of salvation!!

I also like the analogy of seasons because it lets all of us know that no matter where we are, things around us will change. We must be ready or instant in season and out to … Read Morebe His witnesses.

What is a witness? A witness is one called upon by a group of individuals seeking to render a verdict. The witness gives “expert” testimony on a subject or describes something he/she has experienced firsthand. Father let us all be baptized in Fire endued with Your Spirit and minister Your Life to those around us.

Andrew Logan

Written by aplogansr

March 9, 2009 at 4:55 pm

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Worship is an Investment

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Sometimes I hear people use the terms praise and worship as though they were interchangeable. That has always bothered me and I wasn’t sure why. Yesterday while cleaning my office, I received some further revelation to clarify.

Parents often praise their children on tasks done well. A parent is sincere when they express that praise to their child. However, in that specific expression, that parent has very little personally invested in that comment.

Worship on the other hand is quite different. An expression of worship involves an emptying of heartfelt affection, care, and concern for the person/object being worshiped. The degree of emptying directly affects the intensity of the expressed worship. Consequently, a worshiper has much much more invested in each expression of worship.

To summarize, praise is not worship and worship is not praise. They are distinctly different and both have their place. I enjoy times of praise among believers. I crave times of worship whether I am with other believers or alone. Once a person experiences God personally, there is nothing else that comes close.

Andrew Logan

Written by aplogansr

March 8, 2009 at 5:48 pm

Finding Peace in the Midst of Chaos

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With plummeting housing values, rising unemployment, and an abundance of woe resonating from a myriad of sources, one could easily embrace the notion that the world is in cataclysmic chaos. Lately it seems that hardly a day passes without a strikingly negative headline or outlook being published. Not only are these headlines published, but also they are given more attention than they deserve.

How does a person find peace in the midst of such chaos? By connecting with God to understand and rely upon Him in complete confidence that He alone holds our future. He tells those who know Him, not to be afraid repeatedly. Peace comes from reliance upon what God told us through the prophet Isaiah and is still telling those who will listen today. Here is a brief summary:

Do not be afraid
He will save you
He knows your name
You belong to Him
No matter what you go through, it will not harm you.
He is the Lord Your God
He will spare no sacrifice to save you because He loves you, you are precious to Him and He will honor you.

Do not be afraid, God is with you
Listen now, and pay attention.
You are His chosen people
He is the Lord who created you
He has helped you since you were born
You are His servant, His chosen people
He will give water to thirsty land
He will make streams flow on dry ground
He will pour out His spirit on your children
He will demonstrate His faithfulness to your descendants
Your descendants will prosper, with sources of provision at hand

We must make a decision to believe and obey what He told us; giving Him the attention He deserves while at the same time, displacing what is being broadcast that does not agree. Further, we are commanded to:

Be His witnesses, giving expert testimony and to prove He is right; testifying that:

We know Him, believe in Him, and understand He’s our only God.
He alone is God, the only one who can save them
He predicted what would happen (and didn’t just sit back and do nothing)
He comes to our defense. No other god does this
He is God and will always be
No one can escape from His power
No one can change what He does

News agencies and networks broadcast topic after topic, bringing in their experts or staff commentators who provide their views. What are we to do with all of the news headlines and malaise being spread around? We are to obey his commands (see above) and summon the peoples of the world to give testimony indicating:

Which of their gods can predict the future?
Let these experts bring in their witnesses to prove they are right.

It has been said that one of the biggest errors made in human history is that mankind does not learn from the mistakes of his predecessors. Prophets of Baal were disgraced and humiliated when put to the test. Was that a simple one-off, isolated incident?

God foretells the future of those who choose their own gods or idols. They will be considered worthless, blind and ignorant. They will be terrified, humiliated, disgraced and without profit or gain. They will become close-minded to the truth. They will work long and hard but remain tired, hungry, and thirsty.

Make a conscious decision today to reject the gloom and doom, the despair, and hopelessness created by circumstances you can experience with your senses. Instead, rely upon God, His Word, and His Understanding as it is written on the tablet of your heart. Allow Him to bring you His peace in the midst of today’s chaos.

Andrew P. Logan, Sr.

Written by aplogansr

March 2, 2009 at 8:31 pm