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Worship is an Investment

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Sometimes I hear people use the terms praise and worship as though they were interchangeable. That has always bothered me and I wasn’t sure why. Yesterday while cleaning my office, I received some further revelation to clarify.

Parents often praise their children on tasks done well. A parent is sincere when they express that praise to their child. However, in that specific expression, that parent has very little personally invested in that comment.

Worship on the other hand is quite different. An expression of worship involves an emptying of heartfelt affection, care, and concern for the person/object being worshiped. The degree of emptying directly affects the intensity of the expressed worship. Consequently, a worshiper has much much more invested in each expression of worship.

To summarize, praise is not worship and worship is not praise. They are distinctly different and both have their place. I enjoy times of praise among believers. I crave times of worship whether I am with other believers or alone. Once a person experiences God personally, there is nothing else that comes close.

Andrew Logan

Written by aplogansr

March 8, 2009 at 5:48 pm

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