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Father’s Passionate Heart

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Step out into what I’ve called you

My Fire will be there with you

Wonders and marvels will men see

Only the beginning, just a glimpse of Me

Fury and force will I bring to those

Who deny My Offering, Who thumb their nose

My Son My Offering so great a price

A ransom for many, many lost lives

Let them now see, a mystery so great

And walk away from a heart filled with hate

His arms open wide, His Love so great,

With us He longs to celebrate

For all time, throughout all space

Not with one, but every human race

So come and yield to Him your heart

Your eternity and future, now to start

Gone and forgotten are your sins of the past

Whom the Son sets free is free at last.

August 20, 2009 (During Prayer)

Written by aplogansr

August 21, 2009 at 3:53 am

You’re Worth it All, Lord

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You carried and You led

You hung and You bled

To give me life

And end my strife

A price I could never afford

Memories some joyful, others sad

Wounds so deep and hurt so bad

Are now in Your care

I’ll leave them there, Lord

To be with You Lord

Is worth it all

A hope and a future

You planned for me

Happiness in everything

Jobs and family

Yet I sought more money, worked longer hours

At jobs within those ivory towers

Oh how I failed in my haste

Making my own way

Looking back, what a waste

To be with You, Lord

Was worth it all

At the end of my race

In Your embrace

I’ll see and know

You were worth it all

Every trial, every fall

Even the worst of them all

Your mercy and love

Grace that covers

Mercy that heals

To be with You, Lord

Is worth it all

Written by aplogansr

August 8, 2009 at 1:07 am

The Name of Jesus – Prophetic Word

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My Name will make way in your city
My Name will bring deliverance in your city
My Name will bring healing in your city
Declare My Name and My Power will follow and meet you there
Declare My Name and I will anoint you to:
* set captives free
* bind-up the broken-hearted
* deliver the oppressed
* heal the sick
* preach My Word
* declare the acceptable year of the Lord

Now, now, now, now, now

My grace is sufficient
My Name is sufficient
My Name is sufficient
My Spirit is sufficient

06 Aug 2009

Written by aplogansr

August 7, 2009 at 3:54 am

Word Received During Prayer

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Before, I (the Lord God Almighty, God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob – clarification by scribe) was shaking, shaking everything, finding and sifting the loose things, unconnected things.

Now I am stirring, stirring, stirring; stirring up Myself within My people, stirring up plans, visions, dreams I’ve placed within them.

My Word says the devil knows his days are short.  Why shouldn’t My people know also.  I am stirring up My people to be about Father’s business:

  • Setting the captives free
  • Binding up the broken-hearted
  • Delivering the oppressed
  • Healing the sick
  • Preaching My Word (it IS good news)

So many people need to hear it (God’s Word).  I’m stirring restoration and repentance.

I’m restoring My Bride so that she’s whole when I return.   Shalom I say to Her.

Just as one stirs batter to prepare a cake, so am I stirring to prepare My Bride. Our wedding is planned and the date is set.  It’s time to prepare.

Prophetic Word received 05 Aug 2009 during morning prayer.

Written by aplogansr

August 5, 2009 at 7:45 pm

Prayer of Brokenness

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Let Your breath, oh God, become my breath

Let Your heart, become my heart

Let Your hands, become my hands

Let Your walk, become my walk

Let Your passion, become my passion

Let Your burden, become my burden

How can I stand beside You and not take up Your cross?

How can I walk without praying, no matter the cost?

How can I eat without feeding your sheep?

How can I love without embracing the lives of others?

How can I live, without dying to myself first?

Break me Father so that I lose sight of myself

Make me Father more like You

Compassionate and caring, bold and daring

To listen and obey, each and every day

Hurts and wounds are all around

Heavy burdens, needs abound

Use me Father to touch and heal

Daily before you I will kneel

Yielding completely despite what I feel

Written by aplogansr

August 4, 2009 at 9:42 pm