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Ode to Worship Teams

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Excerpt from Plugging Into Real Worship by Andrew P. Logan Sr.

Worship Leaders and team members don’t think that you‘ll be excluded here. Since we’ve already established that worship is an expression of the heart, it is vitally important that the congregation (those that will) enter God’s presence. If only the worship team enters, then your ministry has been limited and thereby impeded the operation of the Holy Spirit.

In striving for excellence in our ministry, often times we fall into a destructive trap laid for us by the enemy of our souls.  That trap is the one whereby we attempt to determine our effectiveness by measuring our ministry with other ministries.  A word of caution is in order here.  Jesus Christ is the ONLY measuring rod, and there are no others. It is our shortcoming when measured against Him that promotes humility within us; therefore we must guard our hearts accordingly and remember that we are fully complete in Him.

No discussion about attitudes of the heart would be complete without addressing the other extreme, pride.  Scripture tells us that pride goes before destruction, consequently, we must not think more highly of ourselves than we should.  We must continue to remember that our ONLY access to the Father comes through Jesus Christ’s finished work on the cross, and His shed blood that covers and forgives our sin.  It is that cloak of righteousness He confers upon us, that allows us to lose the addresses of our past sins.  We must forgive ourselves just as He forgave us, and remembers our sin no more.

Undoubtedly, we all want to avoid mundane repetition in our lives. This is especially true when selections of songs are made for praise and worship. Do you have a desire to do new music? Great, but proceed with caution, making sure of two things:

  1.  The musicians and vocalists know the song extremely well so that they have no anxiety in ministering the new song(s)
  2. Allow the congregation to hear the new song(s) several times outside of the critical-path Praise and Worship period to help them familiarize themselves with it.

Another word on lyrics—Choose or write songs with no more than 6 or 7 words per line, especially in the chorus. These shorter lines are easier to remember, provide less opportunity upon which to stumble and allow the worshiper to focus on their heart connection rather than on what words they are singing.

Let’s have a look at a word picture as an example.  In expressing your feelings to someone you dearly love, you wouldn’t express that love by saying, “My synapse and neurotransmitters fire in order when you enter the room.” Instead, you might respond, “When I see you, I am amazed at your beauty.”

© Andrew Logan

About the Author:

Andrew Logan has been an integral part of worship for more than 20 years. Passionately, he escorts others into the Presence of God. Andrew maintains that worship invites God to meet with us to bring lasting life transformation that won’t come any other way.

Andrew developed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ during a time of intense struggle in his personal life. Having a strong passion for music, he served the Lord in music ministries in several churches. A few years later, the founder of Life Bible Ministries International, Dr. Harold Hagen ordained Andrew and asked him to lead worship there.

After a rewarding career of more than twenty years in Information Technology, he transitioned into full-time Pastoral Ministry. Andrew now serves as senior pastor of All Nations Word and Worship Center.

Author of Plugging Into Real Worship and Conectándose a la adoración verdadera

Publisher of Code Blue Seconds from Death by Henry C. Austin
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