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Reason 1: God Commands It

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Excerpt from Plugging Into Real Worship by Andrew P. Logan Sr.

Jesus told us “If you love Me, keep My commandments.” (John 14:15, NKJV™)  One thing is certain.  God commands us to worship Him.  “You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only you shall serve.”(Luke 4:8, NKJV™) As Jesus approached the base of the Mount of Olives, His disciples began to rejoice and praise God.  When the Pharisees told Jesus to make them hold their peace, Jesus responded, saying that if they remain silent, the stones would cry out.  The holiness, justice, and sacrifice of God demand a response from all of His creation, and that response is worship.

“…Blessed is the King coming in the name of the Lord! Peace in Heaven and glory in the highest!  And some of the Pharisees from the crowd said to Him, Teacher, rebuke your disciples.  And He answered and said to them, I tell you that if these should be silent, the stones would cry out. (Luke 19:38-40)

Notice too, that the size, shape, coloration, or description of the stones that would worship is not mentioned.  The implication is that all of them would respond accordingly.  One can be assured that there in Jerusalem, there were rocks of all shapes, sizes, colors, and complexions.  The same could be said for people here on the earth.  Therefore, no one is exempt from worship.  Regardless as to race, color, creed, socio-economic status, marital status, size, shape, or any other demographic stratification, all are required to respond.

God’s Holy Spirit has revealed the following prophetic message to the Body of Christ today.  “I come this day to bring a warning to those who will not obey My Word. The time is here and now to get into a place of worship, of connecting with Me”, says the Lord of Hosts. “For soon I will manifest My glory and things of darkness and shadow will be burned away. As the Son shines, so do My children. Repent, get your hearts right and keep them in Me”, says the Lord, “for the time of home going draws near. Go out, draw the people in to me—all who will listen. Take note of the days you are in”, says the Lord of Hosts. “I pursue all humanity.  I desire that all should come. Burst forth from your shell, be silent no longer—go forth and call in all who will hear and respond.”

 As we read this passage from the Gospel of Luke, we see Jesus riding into Jerusalem the week before His crucifixion.  His disciples had a sense of the season of Jesus’ ministry and began crying out loudly to Him in worship.  Friend, do you have a sense of the season of God we’re in right now, and that the culmination of God’s plan and purpose is close at hand?  Hopefully you do, such that you waste no opportunity to worship Him as often as you can.

Don’t let history repeat itself by allowing persons you respect to keep you from worshiping God.  Take a look at what Jesus said.  Stones would worship Him if His followers kept themselves silent.  Each person must make a personal decision and respond.  No, you are not authorized to delegate this to anyone else.

© Andrew Logan

About the Author:

Andrew Logan has been an integral part of worship for more than 20 years. Passionately, he escorts others into the Presence of God. Andrew maintains that worship invites God to meet with us to bring lasting life transformation that won’t come any other way.

Andrew developed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ during a time of intense struggle in his personal life. Having a strong passion for music, he served the Lord in music ministries in several churches. A few years later, the founder of Life Bible Ministries International, Dr. Harold Hagen ordained Andrew and asked him to lead worship there.

After a rewarding career of more than twenty years in Information Technology, he transitioned into full-time Pastoral Ministry. Andrew now serves as senior pastor of All Nations Word and Worship Center.

Author of Plugging Into Real Worship and Conectándose a la adoración verdadera

Publisher of Code Blue Seconds from Death by Henry C. Austin
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