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Hear I Am

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My back’s against the wall
Knowing Lord, I’ve done it all
You’ve seen it Lord
You’ve known it
How I’ve hurt you, time after time
Yet despite my sin and giving in
You come restore, and heal within
And make me new again

Lament, Lament oh my soul
A price so great, you’ll never know
A love so deep where grace does flow
A Father’s heart will only know

Repent, repent, oh my soul
In all your dismay
Come back to Father
Head the other way
Rest in His arms and know His love
Bask in His peace, come what may

The road is long, the incline steep
Lined with obstacles you’ll come to meet
Know that I AM sent you
Know that I AM’s ahead of you
Charting your course
Making your paths straight
Never, never hesitate
Ride with Him on that great white horse
When He comes again, King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Andrew Logan


Written by aplogansr

October 18, 2009 at 8:38 pm


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Don’t let me be sifted like chaff from the wheat
Don’t let me be burned up in the fervent heat
But let me be tried by Your refining fire
Yes Lord, that truly is, my heart’s desire

Your yoke is easy and Your burden light
To stand and know, You fight my fight
As I rest in place, my salvation I see
And oh so much more, You have and show me

Break me Lord that I may yield
So much harvest still left in the field
So little daylight as night begins to fall
How will we ever, finish it all?

For it’s by Your Spirit, not by might or by power
For it is the time, ‘tis the last of the hour
For soon I (Jesus) will come and soon you will see
Victory, victory
Victory in Me.

Received during prayer, 9-7-09

Andy Logan

Written by aplogansr

September 8, 2009 at 4:41 am

Prayer of Brokenness

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Let Your breath, oh God, become my breath

Let Your heart, become my heart

Let Your hands, become my hands

Let Your walk, become my walk

Let Your passion, become my passion

Let Your burden, become my burden

How can I stand beside You and not take up Your cross?

How can I walk without praying, no matter the cost?

How can I eat without feeding your sheep?

How can I love without embracing the lives of others?

How can I live, without dying to myself first?

Break me Father so that I lose sight of myself

Make me Father more like You

Compassionate and caring, bold and daring

To listen and obey, each and every day

Hurts and wounds are all around

Heavy burdens, needs abound

Use me Father to touch and heal

Daily before you I will kneel

Yielding completely despite what I feel

Written by aplogansr

August 4, 2009 at 9:42 pm