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Obedience > Sacrifice

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Perhaps we’ve seen this, read it, heard it before. Subconsciously, some of us may have written it off as just another one of those quotes that has little importance these days. I’d like to give you dissenting opinion on that with a practical example.

Years ago I was employed by a major telecom company doing work in Information Technology. From what I could tell, my career was stable having recovered from a job transition a few years prior, and I had expectations for a rewarding future. As time went on however, I began to experience some turbulence (as I’ll call it). Each time I would pray about it, asking God for direction and or permission to leave, His answer was always clear. “Wait for me to tell you when to leave” is what I understood Him to say.

I will never forget that summer day when the buzz coming from Rumor Central was much louder than normal. As I began to think about what might be happening, I distinctly remember God telling me, “You’re going to be laid off today, but don’t worry. I’ve got everything under control.” I could not believe what I had heard. Within a few minutes, I was summoned to a room upstairs, with others. The events that unfolded shortly thereafter verified that indeed I was being laid off.

Strangely enough I remember being completely confident that I was headed for a better job. Yes there were times when I thought about my having 3 children under 10 to feed and clothe, not to mention some debt had accumulated. The assurance that God had everything under control helped me stay the course. His provision during this time afforded us three months of severance pay.

During the fourth week of my job search, I received a call. The caller asked a few questions to make sure I was the person that someone else had recommended. I was then invited to interview as a consultant for their firm at a major financial services corporation. I interviewed on Thursday of that week and a hiring offer was extended for the next Monday. I delayed the starting date a week to notify the other firms that had begun responding to my job search correspondence, that I had accepted employment.

Now for the best part…For two months I received my severance pay, plus my pay on the new job. As it turns out, the project for which I was consulting was a little behind, so that overtime was authorized. Because I was being paid on an hourly basis, this meant larger checks every two weeks!

Additionally, prior to my being “downsized”, I was compelled to participate in an Employee Stock Purchase (ESP) program at the telecom company. Once the initial layoff dust settled, I went back and researched the terms on that program. Ultimately I was given the option of having my funds returned, or having those invested funds immediately invested in company stock to be purchased at one-half the market price. I’d only wished (looking back) that I had invested more now; but I was reluctant to do so. The ESP program was only offered once every two years, and the results from the prior period weren’t too favorable. I requested the stock and consequently, doubled the value of my investment.

What am I saying? I am saying that what would appear to be a very dark and scary moment for you, your family, and your career may not be that at all. For me, it positioned me very well to pursue my Information Technology career goals and in addition, transition into new endeavors: Pastoral Ministry and writing. When I lost the job at the telecom company, I would never have believed I would be doing what I am now.

For those of you who have a personal relationship with God, I dare you to trust Him to bring you through whatever you’re going through and bless you while doing it. For those of you who don’t have that relationship, I dare you to develop one with Him. You will never be the same and you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

Pastor Andy Logan

Written by aplogansr

April 1, 2009 at 7:46 pm

Finding Peace in the Midst of Chaos

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With plummeting housing values, rising unemployment, and an abundance of woe resonating from a myriad of sources, one could easily embrace the notion that the world is in cataclysmic chaos. Lately it seems that hardly a day passes without a strikingly negative headline or outlook being published. Not only are these headlines published, but also they are given more attention than they deserve.

How does a person find peace in the midst of such chaos? By connecting with God to understand and rely upon Him in complete confidence that He alone holds our future. He tells those who know Him, not to be afraid repeatedly. Peace comes from reliance upon what God told us through the prophet Isaiah and is still telling those who will listen today. Here is a brief summary:

Do not be afraid
He will save you
He knows your name
You belong to Him
No matter what you go through, it will not harm you.
He is the Lord Your God
He will spare no sacrifice to save you because He loves you, you are precious to Him and He will honor you.

Do not be afraid, God is with you
Listen now, and pay attention.
You are His chosen people
He is the Lord who created you
He has helped you since you were born
You are His servant, His chosen people
He will give water to thirsty land
He will make streams flow on dry ground
He will pour out His spirit on your children
He will demonstrate His faithfulness to your descendants
Your descendants will prosper, with sources of provision at hand

We must make a decision to believe and obey what He told us; giving Him the attention He deserves while at the same time, displacing what is being broadcast that does not agree. Further, we are commanded to:

Be His witnesses, giving expert testimony and to prove He is right; testifying that:

We know Him, believe in Him, and understand He’s our only God.
He alone is God, the only one who can save them
He predicted what would happen (and didn’t just sit back and do nothing)
He comes to our defense. No other god does this
He is God and will always be
No one can escape from His power
No one can change what He does

News agencies and networks broadcast topic after topic, bringing in their experts or staff commentators who provide their views. What are we to do with all of the news headlines and malaise being spread around? We are to obey his commands (see above) and summon the peoples of the world to give testimony indicating:

Which of their gods can predict the future?
Let these experts bring in their witnesses to prove they are right.

It has been said that one of the biggest errors made in human history is that mankind does not learn from the mistakes of his predecessors. Prophets of Baal were disgraced and humiliated when put to the test. Was that a simple one-off, isolated incident?

God foretells the future of those who choose their own gods or idols. They will be considered worthless, blind and ignorant. They will be terrified, humiliated, disgraced and without profit or gain. They will become close-minded to the truth. They will work long and hard but remain tired, hungry, and thirsty.

Make a conscious decision today to reject the gloom and doom, the despair, and hopelessness created by circumstances you can experience with your senses. Instead, rely upon God, His Word, and His Understanding as it is written on the tablet of your heart. Allow Him to bring you His peace in the midst of today’s chaos.

Andrew P. Logan, Sr.

Written by aplogansr

March 2, 2009 at 8:31 pm